How Sundar Pichai Became The Highest Paid CEO In The US?

10In august 2015 Google announced to the world, the name of the new CEO of their company. He was none other
than Chennai native Sundar Pichai.
He has now received restricted shares worth of about $199 million, which makes him the highest-paid CEO in
the US.
People are curious to know that what makes Sundar Pichai such a successful man. What are the qualities that
he possess that makes him what he is today. He has become the ideal of almost all of those who dream to be a
part of a company like google or google itself. He has become an inspiration to a lot of people.
So check this out to get a closer look in Sundar Pichai's life, that will explain how he reached where he is today.

Sundar Pichai with his parents:-

Sundar Pichai was born in Chennai. His proud parents are Lakshmi and Regunathan Pichai. His father was a
senior electrical engineer at General Electric and managed a factory. He lived in a two-room apartment in 46th
Street 7th Avenue, Chennai.

Sundar Pichai was known as Pichai Sundarajan:-

He is popularly recognized as Sundar Pichai but his birth name is Pichai Sundarajan. He is basically from a
middle-class family and his father faced a lot of problems in getting him a proper education...

Sundar Pichai s early life and education:-

Pichai s early education was completed from Chennai. He completed his degree from IIT, Kharagpur in
metallurgical engineering. He completed his M.S. from Standford University and an MBA from Wharton School of
the University, Pennsylvania...

Intelligence of Sundar Pichai was always remarkable:-

It is said that when he was a child he had a great memorizing power and he was able to remember every dialed
number. This intelligence of Pichai is made him the man he is today...

Pichai joined google in 2004:-

After working in McKinsey as a consultant, Pichai joined Google in the year 2004. His first assignment was to be a
part of the team who worked on Google toolbars...

He proposed the idea of a new browser:-

He was the first person who proposed the idea to launch a new web browser, but the idea was rejected initially.
It was thought that there is no need for a new browser. Today Chrome is the leading web browser in the world. It
replaced explorer by Microsoft...


Pichai s received offers from multinational giants:-

Sundar Pichai received offers from Twitter and Microsoft, but his loyalty always remained with Google and that's
why he is still a part of Google...

Sundar Pichai is also a sportsman:-

Few people know that Sundar Pichai is also a sportsperson. He is a soccer and chess lover but along with that,
he also loves to play cricket. He is a big fan of Sachin Tendulkar and Sunil Gavaskar...

He took over android division in 2013:-

He took over the Android division in 2013 and also became the leader of the android one, Google s attempt to
make low-cost smartphones for upcoming 5 billion users coming online...

Pichai was made CEO in 2015:-

In August 2015 Pichai was officially introduced to the whole world as the new CEO of Google. He achieved all of
this because of his hard work and amazing ideas...

Sundar Pichai and Larry Page:-

The co-founder of Google Inc. Larry page said that he enjoys working with Sundar Pichai. There were rumors
revolving around the world of about differences between Sundar Pichai and Larry Page but after this statement
all the rumors came to a halt...

PM Modi at Google with Sundar Pichai:-

During PM Modi s visit to America, he went to the office of Google and met Sundar Pichai. He seemed to be
proud of Pichai for achieving such success and illuminating India's name worldwide...

Sundar Pichai is a very humble person:-

Even after reaching to such height Sundar Pichai is still very humble and polite to everyone. He don't act all
selfish and arrogant but always remains down to earth. This makes him the ideal to showcase google's
corporate strategy that is 'don't be evil'. So, this was the inside story of the great CEO of Google Sundar Pichai.
Hope you all like it...