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Duniyastar( "site" or "Application" ) is possessed and worked by RKS Social Media Private Limited (the "Organization" ), an organization joined under the Companies Act, 2013.

  • Local area Guidelines For Using Duniyastar

Last Update: 24th-May-2021

Duniyastar assists its clients with associating others, empowering significant commitment inside the duniyastar people group. To guarantee that this design is accomplished viably, Duniyastar expects clients to follow these Community Guidelines alongside the Terms of Use. Duniyastar has the most extreme respect for the ability to speak freely and articulation just as the privilege to protection of clients on its foundation. In outlining the Community Guidelines, each specification cautiously offsets these contemplations with the necessity to regard and maintain the letter and actual intent of the rule that everyone must follow.

Treat your collaborations with different clients on Duniyastar like these are associations in reality. Before you post any substance, consider how individuals you are discussing may feel in the event that you mentioned to them to their face what you are intending to post. Try not to post substance about others that you dislike posted about you.

The people group rules recorded underneath set out the sorts of activities and conduct that are restricted on Duniyastar. On the off chance that you are found to have submitted any of the activities recorded underneath proper move may be made against you including, yet not restricted to, bringing down the violative substance, in the fitting conditions educating the specialists, and suspension or end of your record.

  • Disdain Speech and Discrimination :-

Try not to post contemptuous or unfair substance on duniyastar.

Treat others on Duniyastar with nobility, regard, and a feeling of compassion. We energize legitimate and good natured articulations of solid conflict on the stage. We don't permit any types of contemptuous, individual assaults, muckraking discourse, or uncivil conflict which are proposed to hurt another client or cause them mental pressure or languishing. Instances of derisive or prejudicial discourse incorporate remarks which energize viciousness, racially or ethnically frightful, or deride anybody dependent on their public beginning, sex, sex character, sexual direction, strict alliance, incapacities, or sicknesses. We additionally preclude content which could urge different clients to share such substance.

You are not allowed to utilize disdainful pictures or images in your profile picture or profile header. You additionally may not change your username, show name, or profile bio in such a way as to show up as though you are participating in harmful conduct, or which could be sensibly understood as making provocation other user(s) or communicating disdain towards an individual or gathering.

  • Strictly Offensive Content

Be conscious of the strict convictions of others.

You should consistently be conscious of the strict confidence and convictions of others whether or not or not they share similar perspectives or convictions as you. You should not distribute anything which is terrible to the feelings of others, or which affronts their religion or customs as well as causes public disagreement.

  • Illegal intimidation and Extremism

Try not to post substance that undermines, energizes or extols psychological warfare.

You should not undermine or advance any risky exercises on Duniyastar.

 Specifically you should not utilize Duniyastar to affect psychological warfare, withdrawal, demonstrations of savagery against individual or property or which compromises the solidarity, honesty, protection, security or sway of India, well disposed relations with far off countries, or put-downs another nation. You should not post any substance that elevates or urges clients to make moves in the interest of a fear monger or hostile to public association, or selects and spreads data for, or advances the destinations of, such associations. You should likewise not gather backing or endorsement for the commission of brutal demonstrations during legal fights or make savagery actuating fear and intrigue networks on the stage.

  • Brutal Content

Try not to post substance that undermines, portrays or praises viciousness, or energizes self mischief.

You should not utilize Duniyastar to convey any immediate or backhanded intimidations of actual mischief against someone else. This incorporates any danger identifying with robbery, defacing, unjust imprisonment, real, mental or monetary damage.

Duniyastar doesn't allow its clients to post substance which includes references to mass homicide, vicious occasions, or explicit methods for savagery, specifically where weak networks or gatherings are the essential targets or casualties, or which portrays or extols any such activities. Duniyastar doesn't allow the glorification of viciousness in any way including yet not restricted to praising occasions that have made actual damage or harmed the conclusions of any individual or gathering. You should shun posting content which portrays torment, injury, mental anguish, passing, substantial damage, snatching, abducting or different types of brutal substance. You should likewise cease from presenting content relating on self destruction or self damage, especially in manners that can be understood as advancing or recommending this game-plan.

  • Realistic, Obscene and Sexual Content

Try not to post realistic, foul as well as sexual substance on Duniyastar.

Duniyastar doesn't endure content which is disgusting or physically realistic or which could be believed to be unseemly for certain clients. Duniyastar doesn't permit obscene or peodiphillic content, express portrayals of expired people, savage sexual demonstrations including content portraying assault, and symbolism which is unnecessarily violent. Duniyastar likewise has a zero-resilience strategy for any substance which portrays sexual substance including youngsters or which might be generally destructive to kids, or vengeance porn. Any clients discovered posting substance of this nature will be promptly answered to the specialists

  • Lewd behavior and non-consensual bareness

Try not to post any substance or take part in any action that may be understood as being lewd behavior different clients.

 Try not to offer expressions of a sexual sort which are proposed to be annoying, bugging, or corrupting based on sex, or which cause some other individual to feel awkward. Duniyastar doesn't approve inappropriate behavior on the stage, including, however not restricted to, physically express comments, or innuendoes coordinated at a particular individual or people, or the sharing of sexual (or physically interesting) data or media according to an individual without their assent or any substance which may obtrusive of an individual's substantial protection. We have a zero-resistance strategy against any unequivocal pictures or recordings that seem, by all accounts, to be taken without the assent of someone else, or individuals.

  • Cyberbullying

Be caring to other people. Try not to be a harasser.

Duniyastar doesn't permit clients to take part in tormenting or badgering on the stage. Tormenting could take numerous structures, including sharing disparaging or offensive substance, or sending undermining messages or abuses to another Duniyastar client. Clients should not post substance containing individual assaults against others including other Duniyastar clients. Try not to utilize harmful language, slang, or swearwords in any language and specifically don't immediate such language at different clients.

There is a distinction between sound conversation, discussion and conflict and direct close to home assaults on someone else. You are urged to do the previous yet should not do the last mentioned.

  • Attack of Privacy

Be aware of the security of others.

Duniyastar anticipates that users should be aware towards the protection of others. You should cease from distributing sharing, or empowering the distribution of, any close to home data of another personor which is obtrusive of their security.

  • Criminal operations

Similar as in reality, don't violate the law when you use Duniyastar.

Try not to post substance which is illicit or which urges different clients to take an interest in any criminal behavior. This incorporates purchasing or selling of opiates, illicit or physician endorsed drugs, liquor, tobacco items or some other classifications of things that are not allowed to be exchanged between private people. You should likewise not utilize the stage to offer admittance to lotteries, betting, and genuine cash games or empower illegal tax avoidance, prostitution, human or kid dealing, coordinated savagery or some other crime.

Try not to post substance that undermines public request, or instigates different clients to the submit an offense or forestalls examination of any offense.

  • Wholesale fraud and Impersonation

Wholesale fraud is not kidding. Try not to imitate some other individual.

Try not to mimic or posture as someone else, brand, or association to deludes or misdirects clients about the beginning of the substance. You are urged to deliberately check yourself and guarantee that every one of the subtleties gave in your profile are exact and don't, in any way, establish deception.

  • Deception and Fake news

Be honest and check data.

Don't intentionally post or offer data, which is unsubstantiated or bogus or misdirecting, however might be seen as verifiable. We have a zero-resistance strategy for transformed or controlled media, including photoshopped pictures or doctored recordings. We don't support content which may influence resident driven cycles. We likewise don't allow any substance which may meddle with the consequences of political races. You should, to the degree conceivable, ensure that the substance that you post on Duniyastar is genuine and from a solid and undeniable source.

  • Spamming, Scamming and Phishing

Try not to utilize Duniyastar to spam or trick others.

Try not to utilize this stage to control others or to contrarily influence their experience on the stage. Try not to message different clients in mass from various records to enhance content or disturbing discussions. Try not to utilize this stage to control costs or to distribute data expected to control different clients for your own monetary benefit. Clients are likewise denied from attempting to delude others if on this stage, by sharing plainly bogus and false data, baiting different people to share delicate data or expecting them to participate in whatever other exercises which determined to deceive or bugging clients for monetary profit or causing them some other mischief.

  • Licensed innovation Infringement

Regard the licensed innovation of others.

Duniyastar has faith in regarding licensed innovation. You should not post substance in regard of which others have a patent, copyright (counting text, pictures, music or recordings) or a brand name, (for example, according to a brand or a logo that you don't possess) or some other exclusive rights, as this may bring about encroachment of their privileges. Prior to posting something on Duniyastar, guarantee that it doesn't have a place with someone else and that you reserve the option to do as such.

  • Noxious Programs

Try not to share noxious projects.

Try not to post or share any substance on the stage which contains any viruses,malicious programes, or some other PC code, document or program which could cause disturbance, burden, mischief or misfortune to different clients on the stage, or which is intended to intrude on, obliterate or limit the usefulness of the stage.

Remembering these standards while undertaking any collaborations of the stage (counting posting substance or sending messages to others) would go long path in making the experience you and our bigger local area of clients have on Duniyastar more secure and more pleasant.